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overdue night Discord moments to watch together with your homies</h1>
What occurred. i presumed you stated diabetes i'm not. gonna lie i already obtained that. i am asserting i can't climb it. i will look like a llama. cusco. at least you are figuring it out now when. there is in simple terms been 3 f9 to this point. okay jack jack cool down. you recognize that a few cat females in fact. wore tails that have been actually butt plugs. surely sorry grizz. what a thing to randomly zone back into. i'll play you here howdy there delilah. texting you there delilah why do not you. suck on my fat sure you will. a minimum of say knockers bro it is going with. the syllaables good day there delilah why. don't you suck on these. knockers. can you shut the up dude i just. prefer my joke to hit bro. i assumed you men did not pay attention me. yeah i i didn't completely pay attention you guys. inform me to shut the up the 1st. few times. you have actually all been there what did. you assert.

i used to be like that wasn't the chapstick. oh my god it sounded like it become more. unhappy . i'm hearing unhappy ass music why. because i love my sad playlist does not. make you unhappy. definite and forestall hearing it but it's. well. you recognize what's so extraordinary approximately discord. content shall we do what we might. ordinarily do and procrastinate with the. entire day and make. money out of it at the end yeah yeah we. can do nothing. yet do something this is nice i. just ate a pizza and i'm listening to. tune for recording. why do people pass to varsity. what the is the size of that pen. oh the entire crook oh i was gonna say. did you only now not do dishes. dude look how high my fan is you can see. my hair blowing consciously i do know i've. been seeing it the total time. you are like. in a song video like beyonce. you should do a proper dab. see grizzy did that's fine you gotta upload.
some aptitude to it exactly. no no oh. hitler wants his fans to have flair. you need to add a bit to it. uh. simply did you drop some pounds yeah i am. muscular. i do know i can tell out of your . jawline no it is not even. about it yeah. we will not even. oh what did you do. humpty dumpty simply fell down the wall. sure sir where did you get that one mother. stole it from a college. his mother changed into like my son needs to work. deliver me that. nathan your faces get me bro like he is. being possessed every. time that's what like how do you are making. that face guy do exactly a face. if you visit the gym you believe you are. close armsstrong you are massive. run that again where's your. shirt a dog i told you i wasn't donning. a shirt i thought you went to move get one. no you place pants on. i think like ash just walks around in a. diaper all day. just like the duke from uh wet with a.
Chance of meatballs. you know i'm speaking to the big ass child. yeah. mentioned. i used to be like yo he's a ventriloquist. what kind of shaver you purchased and it. catches it inside. after which you empty it can you use that. in your nuts. you bought this one that's that does stuff. does it correctly shave yeah i think like. that i thought that'd consider way too weird. it gave the impression of it might damage i. surely like it. and all you hear is. yet again with the reverb. i took down a 14inch dude that sounds. so good. what sort of spell did you cast. to heal that what the [ __ ]. homie simply went you recognize what time it's. due to the fact i am a fats ass. ate an entire pizza and that i received a few. cinnamon twist oh oh. cinnamon tweet are you able to scent it can you. odor it. i'm able to odor from here if we move it. collectively and i scent those i am. bae i'm falling through your door.
i hope you obtain one other pack of icing. due to the fact imma desire it. it is like instantly out of a horror movie. like slowly open it within the hallway and. you pay attention some scuffling. oh no he's coming you slam the door. it become awesome i tried ordering. bread but due to this whole . snowstorm a number of grocery stores are. still suffering to restock i got no. bread. no zero bread. 0 existence is difficult. i know your full name is brilliant. brianna brianna brianna brynn bruno. convey a. brita filter out yet like hit it fergie. yeah persons reported to like what you mean. oh he obviously dude. oh. yo what is up with all this naruto dying. talk. wherein you obtain this knowledge from ought to. be false i do not know what you're. talking approximately. tick tock for you paige certainly not lies. this water is appropriate dog holy . what are we talking about . damn i'm out of water.
Who appears inside galactic bot discord might you. inspect the time. pulls up a water bottle yo that is my. telephone i gotta take a decision. o.k. laads. i would like training today oh no it's. nutrients is not it i realize it i simply realize it. is. how did you know. how did you. all know my foodstuff senses have been tingling. when taco bell receives. added it's disgusting once they positioned. them collectively they literally have like. quarter-hour of staying stable shells it. gets right here. that is soggy they're bloodless yup it's. soggy you choose the. there is no cross aside no crunch how you. gonna crunch taco no crunch. crunch devoid of the crunch. i believe it might should be taco bell. bro to procure cereal no milk. you obtain water. get a few mice and you acquire some struggles. it has been uh 40 minutes and also you last. said you were gonna kill yourself. no until. new list. new record.

how to define Your Discord Token - Get Discord Token - 2020</h1>
howdy men welcome to another gaging. contraptions discord tutorial video. in this video i will show you how. to locate the token for your discord. account. so that you can do the stairs in this video you'll. ought to do it within the desktop browser. on a chromebook laptop or macbook. something like that. yet unfortunately you cannot do it on. your phone now earlier than we start i. want to point out that it's very. significant to maintain. your discord token secret don't proportion. it with anyone because if some other person. gets it they can hack your account so. the first thing we have to do to get. started is simply open up the browser. and visit and then select open discord cross forward. and log into your account. once we've logged into our account we. ought to open the developer tools in our. browser. and iin the chrome browser we do this by means of.

First selecting uwu discord bot in the end right of. chrome. to open the menu after which move down to. extra equipment choose more tools. and then choose developer equipment as soon as the. developer tools open up. we want to do in the tip menu bar is. choose software. if you cannot see it there perhaps an. arrow over right here allowing you to scroll. right. pass forward and choose software after which. within the left sidebar over here. lower than garage choose local garage that. little arrow. this will create a little drop down that. says choose that once we have chosen. up here within the filter. pass forward and type token after you type. token. all the values here ought to disappear now. we have to do. is choose this little button here. on to the left of materials. it says toggle device toolbar so choose. that when you choose this icon return.

Join rocket league discord botself-bot discord to our Loose server on Discord that allows for maximum experiment prep!</h1>
what's up everybody and welcome back to. an extra video on. sat and act math from the scalar. learning channel. this video is ready an incredible unfastened. resource that we have got been working on. for some time now that is out there to. you again at no. cost involving the two act and sat math and. it is all approximately our discord server. the scalar discovering discord server is a. free location where you could congregate and. discuss with other pupils from all around the. planet. approximately the way to best train for both the. act and sat. math pieces not just will you get to. share procedures and hints with different. pupils which are both as prompted. as you. yet you'll also give you the chance to. attend unfastened weekly q. a video calls with me currently we have. over Six hundred participants on the discord server. and i'd like to have you ever on in addition if. you're stimulated and committed to doing.

Your very best on these tests. apart from being a space that. fosters collaboration and communication. there's also an abundance of assets. that you'll be able to download instantly from the. server. the main example of that's our customized. made formula sheets for the two assessments. we even have libraries of the most. famous video clips from the scalar discovering. channel the two for fundamental ideas as. good as. approaches now i do favor to point out. that lamentably the discord server turned into close. down for a period of time due to the fact people. were posting substances that they. should not have been. which means they were posting materials that. created copyright violations. the onus is the two on me and our overall. community to ensure. that we don't submit copyrighted. substances at the server discord turned into variety. sufficient to reactivate the server which.

discord messages with threatening auras | 4</h1>
all right boys are you men able to. examine or seem in the most deadly. images that i've found from discord. yeah i admire examining i admire reading too. it's my in demand beyond time it's why i. certainly not study books. yet what you need to do is you should. examine and click the subscribe button down. less than that was a good one right guys. yeah. they labored on that one no like. i don't know my criticisms listed below are that. like i do not know i am unable to really examine. too good right i've issues with vibrant. colours like a shiny pink so like i am unable to. read what it says i just see a big. button and what color is that button. lower back crimson and there's also a like button. above it correct subsequent to the massive factor. that says dislike uh click the like. button that is correctly whatever. within the youtube page now yet yeah the. dislike one with out [ __ ].
Numbers simply sitting there empty yeah. total facet word of the actual video. youtube please if you are gonna change. anything at least don't make it ten. instances uglier than the thing you. had earlier than o.k. b. you're gonna be the red blurred circle. i'm gonna be squidward okay. i know how it feels someday. to lose somebody you cared about i am. genuinely sorry it's okay. i will be okay. kisses your cheeks sucks. thank you. yeah my dad simply died it is okay mix out. with you furthermore mght incidentally there is a part. two oh no. oh god it's aall right it wasn't too much. leans in and kisses you softly. he is he is roleplaying a movie dude. dude. oh my god that is the maximum pathetic. test at blocking out like a reputation it's. just. vain where in ms page simply dude yeah. the funniest is while persons use the. highlighter on ios after which they publish it.
Because on their screen it appears blocked. and then you only examine it and you're. like i'm able to literally read exactly what. this . strict show your space the whole thing of. it okay. right here i am going. ah. why. it comes on the why the ground. i love to imagine individuals are having like. really nice communication approximately just some. movie or whatever and this man just. is going okay here i am going. it's like he is like people assume he's. about to do a backflip he simply. comes everywhere in the floor additionally i saw a. touch upon the last video permit me. in fact get the exact comment somebody. just left the reviews saying yo who the. flip just uploads 12 minutes of three. men erp with each other. i thought this can be a humorous photograph reacting. channel what the and i simply. responded announcing you are in actual fact new here. due to the fact like this has been a common turn. on my channel for a very long time.
Yeah no it is very regular for. buddies to erp with each other ok um i. will be purple you will be green pork. squeezes you. ice. no. possibly no. no. oh. just like role bot discord like you're. settling on up a block. i like how he just he breaks rp just. like whoa whoa. do you remember the verbal exchange we had. previous. about. that's where he became going oh. ok. no person should be aware of that we check out. that uh stretched out all you bud. hello child you return here often. wink awkwardly tries to lean on wall. soon crossing my hands. that is the slice smile. sorry. i am certainly bad at this. those people have the opportunity to not. be awkward but they only make themselves. awkward. you be able to only be like. stands opposed to the wall appears insanely. sexy. feels like the most popular . you've ever seen like. abs. you can slice meat on my abs it is.
Not anything okay i'll read this one. whats up babe. no i am sorry earlier. his name is dmitry . this is this is the finest version of that. i'm sorry oh good day babe. i regret plugging thiis okay. beef could you please do the honors. cutely throws up in my mouth but. swallows it backpedal oh. you acquire throw up now you purchased difficulties oh. it is edited like he was like. he had to return and proper whatever. and then it still finally ends up being that. yeah perhaps he did not add acutely perhaps. he turned into identical to throws up in my mouth. but swallows and he is like oh wait wait. that's cutely thrown carry on. think they can make whatever. lovely if they only put oh at the tip of. it. cutely uses mustard gasoline and violence. okay y'all but like kind of lovable. oh you strict them. oh my god. so sad. why. i'm starting to understand mainly small. will we just assume that farts are like.
stupid funny because like i never discovered. farting brilliant exciting oh absolutely it's. funny i don't know what you're speaking. about it is like an american component uh no. it is just the funniest kind of comedy. brandon brandon watch this watch this. alexa. do you fart. oh you're certainly adorable. rubs her cheek can you like rub her. cheek. yeah you're certainly lovable. where does the message remain lightly. did not assume so yeah oh you are surely. lovely. you are going to be kirby seeking man b. if you're the other one okay. hi. good so i heard you had a large . shapes shakes hips seductively. hello who are you that's not important. sugar bunny grabs out of pants and. starts offevolved writing you. no. i'm going fast fast as i will senpai. you are using my pencil. i used to be gonna do my homework with like an. genuine pencil additionally so you obtain way too. into this [ __ ] that's the.
Premise of the video you signed on to. have me in this recording what do you. what did you ask you're correct i'm simply. disenchanted in myself i will be pirro. and then red meat you will be banana. um. how do i make. i can not surely make these noises am i able to. just like. assist. uh you will be the fellow who is censored. and ii will be nori. what simply. petting you now not my fault you're lovely. ok. what's that link https colon minimize. minimize video game banana are you certain. what it is ryuko matoy from killa kill. what what oh my god this . changed into sitting up an erp and wanted to favor. him to play at this cursed this. cursed sven coop this is sort of a. halflife mod get on vr chat dude. ok colors you. hmm what what is that face. like over overly joined like form of. like joker. oh. i don't know. might strap on you. i can not no longer i can't do the joker's.

Voice regrettably i'm sorry maybe. there you move. you deliver it to you. puts a strap on you puts a leash on you. spreads . okay come on. john lee. i would like to visualize he is just doing this. to batman. oh my god the bad . the . we are done inventing new words okay we. have sufficient phrases we don't need new. words ok. human language that's what means undesirable. this one's a issue. i imply i did it in real lifestyles but ok. thank you you simply scratched your mic a. little bit like oh yeah yeah supply me a. moment. why does she why do your balls sound. like steel. balls. balls of metallic i'll study this. one wait let me get in individual. this complete guy ain't wrinkly though. oh i really need to see the messages. that happen before that oh my god this. is that this appears like a groomer message. i'm sorry yeah no it does i suggest it's. why it is right here right like each one of these.

Are terrifying like the one we. just read anyway the scratch the balls. one became literally approximately collaring. this shiit's all bizarre. and that's that is how that is how you. message one another brandon i mean yeah. but we have consent. persons don't have consent that is the. quandary that's why those are finishing up. on subreddits because these people don't. have consent when they're sending those. messages okay beef your deleted person. ask yourself why it's deleted uh strict exhibit. you're the man who is not. you my pal are going to become more. than fine. nuzzles you and cuddles use swinging you. in my fingers as i hug you. friend. this seems like the weirdest thing of. stockholm syndrome like that you examine it. like that like it's simply it is similar to. it is. what like . it is so i. i am still quality. me as soon as provide you with kisu. uh no. no off no.
he is a sad floof. god. what is wrong with you sort of how i. assume michael jackson interacting with. certain people of a certain age area. see like what's crazy is this is. within reach for me because i modded a. server wherein the various those who were. within the server surely acted like that. that is disgusting terrifying disgusting. strict exhibit uh president ok medical professional. land as you stretch though and you are. jersey b it really is the last one be my. boyfriend shoddy be my boyfriend. no that's me oh oh my undesirable my bad. stroke. me too. kisses your necky wacky touches your. bulgy. what the . that's too some distance today yeah i admire that. it is like where it ends like that's too. a long way that changed into what i love this one so. a lot because i am clone of so kisses. your necky wacky totally great bulgy walt. disney's too a ways. yeah that's weird.

MLP FiM: Daughter of Discord-Episode 1 (A Screwy Beginning)</h1>
right here video is an audio drama. in keeping with a My Little Pony fanfiction. that turned into written earlier than season 4 was. aired any continuity mistakes ought to just. be accepted as being portion of an. exchange universe. once upon a time there was an evil. creature of chaos named discord whose. only desire became to subjugate the ponies. of Equestria to his will on his 3 . try out to conquer this land he awarded. the six bears of the weather of concord. an alternative saying he could turn. every thing again to typical if he bought a. few things in return. among his demands was the hoof of a. inclined bride Fluttershy the element of. kindness was the only 1 brave enough. to simply accept his proposal and became taken to. dis courts Castle of chaos then the. impossible occurred they fell in love. over the years. Fluttershy controlled to hot discords ice.

Cold coronary heart reforming him for well after. making amends with the remainder of Equestria. discord and Fluttershy or Wed and lived. happily ever after that is until a brand new. element entered their lives thanks so. much females but gifts I'm distinct so. regal don't you suspect your child should. have your own rattle disk or did not tell. you I'm a bee twins. a comb to Phiilly I don't want the battle. over anything especially around oh how. distinct how did Sauron react to that. news he faked it when he awoke he. asked me what occurred and that i told him. again then he fainted again and again it. wasn't till the fifth time that he. ultimately acquired it by means of his head you are. having Falls which one's going to be. industry infant. good I decide on the second is draw after. Twilight which means reckon to be the. godmother of the next one and grow so.
Does that mean I am getting the 1st one that. comes out. certain this I potential i get to be the. godmother or any other one huh no cuz. you I totally come to the nuts and on. our pinky we were dating that long. anyway we would have to attend until spikes. Ola for that sort of commitment you two. still confuse me I mean I killed my. rarities dating fancy pants and. Twilight's with that flash century guy. but how did you and Spike take place heck. Fluttershy you discord makes more sense. you know i am going to certainly not get used to hearing. my call and the be aware due to the fact in an identical. sentence it surprises to in fact dis. where I had to put us on a relationship video game. just to get us together see spike. would not that make me a wonderful buddy. oh darling little propeller beanie. cute look so adorable what's your little. baby's head do you know no matter if it is a.

youngster but do you even know if it's. pony shaped i'll simply bet from the. glows I made good i attempted looking within. yet anything maintains blockading me out. i suppose the foal just doesn't desire to be. disturbed. you don't suppose it has chaos magic do. you that would truly be form of cool. oh no miles i am unable to buy a home phone hello. it isn't our toddler is it thanks so. much every pony you're all this kind of. wonderful pals and II know our child is. going to have the finest on earth. what's wrong wait now but it's too early. we need to get her to the medical institution on it. um I guess we are strolling huh wait. somepony help the baby's coming the infant. straw bag what but it's only been nine. strikes well excuse me if it's inpatient. it's my kid in spite of everything sweetheart. code huh tell me get us nearer I took a. maternity ward make manner make manner make.
way marry exertions coming through Russia I. inspiration you were not due for one more . months. so this night treatment with the baby I had. other plans. oh that is candy  I can't be going to have. an analogous birthday oh here is my child and. two months early too you will think she's. o.k. oh boy if it hurts that much for. one toddler i am unable to imagine what its gonna. be like for me I'm sure she's first-rate. who's she she's nonetheless alive pass over Fossey. shia has correctly given beginning to a. organic female descendant and they're both. doing flawlessly quality ah yet wait what. does she appear as if she's so beautiful. she's so ordinary is not that what you. desired you said you did not want our. child to be judged by way of her feels like you. have been good yeah I did say that but how do. we know it's my toddler college it did not. suggest it like that. maybe they gave us the wrong one I mean.
look into it. no snake tail no antlers it doesn't even. have wings I suggest we both have wings so. should not she also have them she's simply. a traditional red earth pony that does not. make any experience. i assumed with you nothing. meet sense good definite that's authentic yet. there's nothing strange approximately her appear. her eyes their spirals no pupils. whatsoever she ought to be your daughter. then welcome to the area infant. are you sure that does not belong to. derpy or anything scored snow pea this. is your daughter and she did not get. switched I'm sorry pricey but this youngster. doesn't seem like either of us my mom. had a red knee and my grandfather was. an earth pony good still I need aat least. some sort of facts that that is mine I. did not provide her that she's my daughter. very well definite you're. it's you I advised you you you are you simply.
investigate her isn't she just an cute. little screwball that's it yet call how. screwball scruple what did that be. labeling our babies crazy Levi's remind. you of my call taken you imply the Jacana. quest woman right there in the center ah. it's common. inspect her eyes certainly not mind. oh yeah is not she simply valuable we named. her screwball how wonderful. she's so lovable we had one more rival. within the hour from a pass over did she do. maybe you know her. oh you suggest derpy where's her oho she's. a unicorn correct there subsequent to screwball. derpy what are you doing from your. room what i am unable to see my child. I named her dinky do cuz she seems like. her has a dinky hello Luke she's long past comas. like yours i do know correct. aren't they adorable and they're blue. like her dad's huh where is her father. oh why have his experiments went wrong.
And he bought sucked into a time vortex huh. oh well pets away the muffin crumbles. repeatedly with all I went thunderation. ought to get that flow by means of Rainer oh did I. forget to say that my little screwy. has my powers she is gonna be this kind of. troublemaker one day convinced she is she's. gonna make her to be very proud a child. with discord powers oh boy. there was little question approximately it. screwball proved to be a tricky child. ok I'm formally stumped why is she. crying I mean simply bigger a gallon of. chocolate milk oh appear out discover pants at. three o'clock. it didn't assist that she had chaotic. powers humorous longer or brainy can fly. thanks yet nevertheless Fluttershy and. discord were comfortable to have their little. daughter and did their finest to make her. joyful. she became happiest while her pal dinky. came over a good happier while she.
acquired more playmates Oh King. screw balling dinky knew her new friends. lightning and thunder thunder. Ovaltine young girl give up pulling my knee. as time went on lifestyles occurred for every. of us do you rarity take fancy pants to. be your laawfully wedded husband I do. then I'm glad pronounce you husband. and spouse. cinnamon stick cinnamon roll meet your. new mom and dad Applejack and spike mommy oh. investigate you or did you see little Bailey. aren't they lovable her new daddy's. dragon marvelous give me lower back my cookie. Thunder come and get it girly lady. that is it go to the pay you've got a. catch. honey promise me we do not need any further. young children yeah about that Oh congratulations. pinkie pie crimson shoes you're having. lady triplets droplets gemstone. mommy's you get the twins i get prism. look reasonable for job it had to be triplets.
One infant. Choa twins maybe what threes a lot convinced. matters have undoubtedly transformed over ten. years. but overall our lives have been going fairly. smoothly. yes for convinced a you don't have a. companion or young children Thank you. pinky however there were a few bumps in. the road particularly in which screwball changed into. involved you notice if you find yourself the. daughter of the allpowerful being of. Kaos you can get to all sorts of obstacle. there's a cool cinnamon stick cinnamon. stick thank you dinky I got them after I become. helping my mother make apple pies. I added cinnamon to the recipe and then. this cutie mark seemed so yo city has. to do with baking similar to mine we. could open uh cinnamon tarts shop. collectively us going for walks a store collectively. some ponies getting sweaty get this. capability I'm the just one without a cutie. mark does this imply i am going to get kicked out.
Of the gang. don't be silly apple blossom yeah we. might never kick you out. it might wreck thunders warm whitening. don't worry blossom good help you get. your cutie mark but I am not even certain. what I'm good at. maybe it will simply take you at some point yeah. seem lucky or thunder thunder does not. hit any paint weeb it's just sound yeah. well if it's loud enough it will blow your. eardrums right like you can also make thunder. that loud i'd desire to see you're making. thunder you want me to locate a cloud and. electrocute you howdy relax this is not. helping apple blossom it is sorry. believe me blossom your cutie mark will. come once you least assume it take mine. working example I got this screw in. baseball the day daddy took me to work out. the solar first online game opposed to the Baltimore. Orioles at Fenway Park the sport bought so. dull daddy and II began stirring things.
Up with our magic and that i comprehend simply how. a lot enjoyable it's to defy logic and bend. actuality yeah but you've always been capable. to do that screwball I haven't any. chaotic powers or anything like that. Mikio time I'll be something Apple. related because the at the Apple household. but her mother is likewise a teacher she could. take after her instead. hiya doc refresh huh we're arising with. methods for apple blossom to get her cutie. mark wanna help uh uh i'd love to really. i'd yet i am. ought to uhoh do something yeah bye. why is it whenever we invite somepony. else to hang around with us they run away. uh she regarded pretty scared maybe she's. petrified of you lightning me why would she. be petrified of me. you're the one with an unpleasant face what. turned into that about my face you wants to play. basketball yeah i will comfort the poop. richer than the man hey no fair you.
Began early come on men are you certain. screwy it is just it goold digger and. silver Troy you're determining the groups so. so that they always like us final hey as lengthy. as we get an opportunity to kick their flanks. it's something like the looking forward to a. second like this burg I don't even be aware of . everybody appears like they're almost performed. choosing I decide on cinnamon stick. see you men let's see ok i'll take. blank flank very well let's play whats up. what about us hmm which do you want. silver tray disk or junior or derpy. junior you kidding derpy Junior cannot. preserve Ryan the bone discord Junior continues. turning the ball into an orange. my call is screwball precisely our factor. we're not having a nut play with us. knock it off you men you're not being. fair why will not you let them play why. would not she go back to wherein she belongs. within the Canterlot Gardens with her dad.
Take that wager sure screwy stop remember. what omit Julie said your dad's a. monster. my big sister diamond tiara advised me so. and my sister silver spoon suggested he took. over a query forced your mom to marry. him. that's a lie daddy doesn't try this stuff. anymore and he loves mommy and he's not. a monster screwy let's just get out of. you I didn't want to play basketball. besides. good day therapy jr. capture gosh sorry desire. that did it cause any brain damage if. there has been any brain left to break. uncoordinated but she's not silly. speaking of silly how come you mostly. put on that silly hat. haha suits her stupid eyes just like. derpy juniors you freaks deserve each. different. desire to play basketball fine let's play. the basketball in basic terms we are going to difference the. guidelines a bit this time you will be. the ball what do you believe you are doing.
thanks Lee. i am scoring 3 point. who's next I'm out of here. Oh screwball. are you nuts that's nuts. i am screwball the princess of chaos and. the daughter of discord have fluttershy. did you all made fun of me and are my. friend I shall have my revenge oh oh uh. hello leave out Cheerilee how's it goin did you. just like the flying orange I left you on. your desk this morning. I imply everypony leaves an apple and i. just proposal that's so boring so I. proposal whats up why not try out anything. exclusive. No might you favor pineapple instead. voice master discord bot may effortlessly do pineapple no longer as finest. as oranges oranges are my strong point i am in. trouble aren't I. well huh almost killed my boy he's a. threat pass over Cheerilee and you need to. have spelled her right away if you don't. prefer things to get difficult. now filthy I suggest mr. wealthy no a baby. like that should be installed an asylum.

in any case what else are you able to do with a. novels store how dare you insult my. husband ensure everypony cool down calm. down check out my son investigate his son that. 0.5 thing should be punished and what. about your children. you're 19 he was purely defending her. ducks do not listen don't listen. satan toddler she would not belong. nice going. discord Junior. you are fortunate she didn't expel you she. simply gave you 4 weeks of detention. honey it truly is the 0.33 criticism i've. acquired this month i thought any other. mishaps lied but this it's worse than. the time you drop the piano on those. colds heads okay I'm sorry. howdy I don't know what it came around me I. i didn't mean to appear it's no bother you. have been standing up for your mates but. you heard these ponies simply did they. harm you and dinky I want I had carried out. worse screw in simple terms then it'd have all.

Stopped they're correct mommy. perhaps i am evil like they are saying howdy I. don't desire to be evil you only want a. undesirable resolution what if I can't handle. myself subsequent time what a combat you'll. study honey after all you had these. lessons which why like that will help you don't. maybe maybe you should not use your. powers anymore we're in line with at school. ok ok I nonetheless imagine you're highly. loopy again there but thanks for sticking. up for me oh thanks . oh you've an idea why do not we neglect. this complete mess and move right down to sugar. cube corner a superb mouthing necessarily makes. me consider higher. yay yummy mommy i am going to clean the bathroom. this night only please please. sprinkles and a cherry on top okay. pinky certain howdy appear hello. let's take a proposal i'm not hungry you. can't hinder your mates continuously i think. I'm a freak you do not know that and if.
They do it is a Jesse proofing wrong. besides they have already seen us. howdy screwy good day seem i do know you possibly. don't desire to speak to me again after. what I did are you kidding that changed into. amazing. yeah you mean you're not mad mad certain we. have been a bit freaked yet it's about. time somepony taught these bullies. pay attention just don't pass Looney on us back. okay that scared the hell out of me now. what are you doing status down there. for we're buddies aren't we come on seize. a chair thanks you guys. I don't know what i'd do if I did not. have neighbors like you. just forget about in these days yeah i am certain. everybody's forgotten all about it by means of. now. hi there Aquafresh howdy was it whatever I. suggested. ok what is with the awkward silence. usually around this time screwball is. fiddling with her meals or you're asking. or how her day changed into what's going on here.
Scruple isn't there anything you want. to tell daddy about what approximately what. happened at college today loads of stuff. happened in school at present you recognize what. I'm talking approximately. Oh sweets tale time ok honey. tell daddy what did you do that time hello. hi I performed basketball with Gooldie. current silver teach that is nice. they have been the basketballs you performed. basketball and fame or the balls oh oh. if i'd were there to work out that huh. oh wait i will excuse me when I pop returned. in time for a bit of that turned into. priceless. Oh do you know you have your mother's. evil giggle by myself Bjork genius Oh. brilliant my expensive actually fantastic. you made your father very proud do not. you spot what is happening right here what that. my little woman. ultimately taught these brats no longer to mess. with the home of discord discord my. communicate with you oh oh all right then.
Darling let's oh you intended communicate talk. nope you recognize you might have been extra. particular. discord we'd like to discuss her. daughter so she received a touch carried. away big deal trouble you much alike you. two are why ought to it she is my daughter. that's precisely why we should be worried. are you saying you have been provide having my. toddler oh I admire her just aas much as you. do. we're ours they're getting out of hoof. she's young but i've a fartist good. the things he calls her at present names are. nothing the cultural monster what. oh so freak huffily my kite okay I got. the picture do not you see she would wind. up an outcast such as you did what if. whatever makes her lose control do not. say it. ah now now now pricey that is not. exaggerated I know it's a terrible aspect. to signify but it may take place no it. will not how will you be so certain because.
She's your daughter as well she may have. my demented mind yet she also has your. well coronary heart that's how i do know that no. matter how many times she loses control. she can now not pass down the path I left. some time past. but anyway you've long gone insane a couple. of times your self excuse me what i like. it when you go nuts it is so attractive. you are sitting at the sofa this night what. you cannot kick me away from bed I'm the. master of this residence. i am the single with magic powers scoober. your daddy needs a timeout this night ok. mommy. trip what do you suggest a timeout. honey. whats up hiya aah locked whatever why. can't I screwie. did you place a paranormal barrier round our. bedroom perhaps she put you as much as this. didn't she. here's a pillow and blanket so you do not. get uncomfy screwy sweetheart um you. comprehend that baseball bat you usually desired.

Discord Rap Battles 2</h1>
Cold like a popsicle put you within the . hospital the order's chronological my. sign's astrological then it's diabolical. i'm the son of the prodigal that became. well in any respect. okay i am literally scared though trigger i. think okay god is which you on your. profile photo. it is you're soiled look at your dirty. disgusting. monopoly man mustache you got below your. nose. i have been rubbing it each night earlier than. you begin rapping on discord. now i actually bout to get to the pack and. rap at an additional street. ever considering the fact that that fateful day that i. paired up my expensive pal dream against. popular twentieth century civil rights. activist rosa parks in a heated rap. combat you guys were dining it. why did i do it i do not know regardless. i have made you guys wait long enough for. an element so here we are. the sacred are of bringing random.
individuals as much as the big stage to both. embarrass themselves or end god. maximum of it is embarrassment although so now. if you suspect this can be a usual isaac why. video you'd be totally improper this. video turned bitter fast i'm speaking genuine. bitter i do not believe i've ever laughed as. tough as i did in this video in any of my. videos so you should definitely stick. around if you enjoyed this video allow me. understand by leaving thumb on video not the. undesirable thumbs up soon there will simply be. one thumb though so that you higher practice. greater either manner thank you guys for all. the new assist and. benefit from the video you bought trump. with the silky on show what the it. suck yeah i stated that money throughout funds. i used to be quickly partaking all right. i'm inviting this guy it's who can i. invite someone yeah i gotta discover this. man first though i got this crazy i.
Think you are gonna have an understanding of their. profile photograph isaac. what the yo bro that is me in real. life please move simple on me ok o.k.. you may pass first though now i want him. to go first oh you must perform a little. coin. factor. o.k.. o.k. wait hatch hatch what do you. favor what do you want heads up uh. okay. it is tails i feel that signifies that you. get to choose who goes first i think oh. no he is going first he goes first all right. well luck okay you go first i can say. whatever is fairly yeah okay. yet i realize all right i. as you talking about let's get. right lower back to business facet hats now i'm. kidding i'm simply uh oh i ain't. comprehensive. ain't no pedophile do i seem like a. lion maker. i'm pulling down your pants to suck on. the chance so i need aa chance. you recognize we won this rap combat.
right here do you. like posters i love posters posters are. cool they were invented like 10 years. in the past in 1880. they've been round for a. long term permit me let you know well buckle up. infant because they have simply invented the. poster 2.0 bigger posters cooler posters. metal posters through reveal reveal is a. company that makes a speciality of. revolutionizing the typical poster no. more flimsy obligation posters they're metal. now they're firm and marvelous and might get. hung actually wherever as a result of. magnets with hundreds of thousands of designs. accessible there's something for everyone. i'm speaking famous person wars i am speaking cats. i am speaking approximately oh. boy assess examine this out they have the. eboy posters jokkingly like you hate me. and hang this on your wall ladies are. lining up already i inform you what i know. you want a steel poster so why not deal with. yourself with the aid of saving as much as 42 off your.

Metal posters once you click the first. link in the outline but you ought to. hurry because this 42 off like friday. sale ends at the end of november so act. now let alone once you purchase a disc. plate you plant one tree that is right. one tree if you like the environment you. ought to get a metallic poster think about. your children they may exhibit for. sponsoring this video pass get yourself a. steel poster do not let the force burn. down consider your future no rap. no lower back to rap battles you know they're. surely gruesome and they're completely out of. style yet females keep on donning them. birkenstocks like females please discontinue. stressful what's bizarre. we nonetheless put on hugs bro. i've bugs bro he has mugs. i do wear uggs kill nevermind pat god. don't talk. okay carry on. let's go yeah who correctly desire to do it. o.k. cross again through how you will.
now not win let's see nat you coming in. brother to procure to go opposed to pacquiao. you go first though ok nat o.k.. all right i got it. all right allow me hear you all right this. year brother very well close the up. i got the talking stick you are smelling. like cheese you are sort of moldy and. now it truly is your funeral illuminate a. candle you recognize you ain't get. dismantled rip off your arm like. a bionicle and beat you to loss of life. yeah you i'mma kill it won't take too. long it will not be a chronicle cold like a. popsicle positioned you in the health facility the. order's chronological my sign's. astrological the shiit's diabolical i'm. the son of the prodigal i am gonna drop. the mic in a sec supply me one sliding. by way of your i have already won. besides now i feel it's time to be blunt. i'm carried out along with your and you're a. guy. oh no.
That was good at all. okay i am actually scared though because. i feel i believe oh our pacquiao i'm. able to die i am ready well alright. god is which you on your profile image. it is. your soiled as [ __ ] get your soiled. disgusting dingy ass monopoly guy. mustache you purchased lower than your nostril . you be slimer that up and rubbing. it every night time before you begin rapping. on discord now i really bout to. get to the pack and that i wrapped the. special street flipping. and i am gonna empty him. correct delay i am going to placed your mouth. help me out when the flippity. hippitydippity-brook your grandfather. misplaced a sevenhour staring contest combat. to a handicapped parking space. your grandma acquired a dashing price tag. too rapid. oh. okay is everything okay. you were beating his lifeless path gee. men who gained i'm wondering let's pay attention it. guys i'm wondering look into your eyebrows.
Oh my god who's that how lengthy he saved he kept going all you mentioned turned into let him live he mentioned made him live and then just went in for another minute and then he is not likely on me like friendly bro alright allow me listen you yeah yeah yeah yeah 20 photographs consider the heat make a scene taking place with all of them yeah i do not feel a thing what you mean she don't desire you for the money mixed feelings acquired you running returned in small tekkers and sisters can come against the common enemy they have been killing us for too lengthy i think like we are able to pass opposed to them and take a rebellion against their evil and injustice some are low one other is like another do not ask us why cross ask your mother check out these palms one three what percentage fingers do i see one 3 4 five six seven eight 9 ten he has 11 eleven there's something new i wish i had 11 2.
This one i feel is called a yink he. loves to wink he likes to drink he likes. to drink and drink and drink the item. he likes to drink his inkling he likes. to drink his finger he likes a wink and. drink purple ink so when you have various. ink then you must maybe get a yin i. assume. approximately 20 minutes later oh we can do it. we understand how good. you in no way medical professional dude you should those. things are enjoyable funny is sweet hi there. he is reading the entire book of genesis. correct there in dr seuss form jesus. christ bro he placed his opponent to sleep. that is how he won this holy crap. bro. michael jackson what do you men say. approximately that guy come on i am here. you sound hella pressed you need to stop. and take like 5 you appear to be you will. graduate in 2039 and we're beginning to. fumble yet my flower stays amazing and. now i'm about to unravel you like an.
Algebra equation slice you up and round. you up let's uncover you with this 9. fry. you up and tie you up and bake you like. a pie i know you started pondering oh i. obtained this ma'am but pack it up due to the fact i. comprehend you're only a chewy fan. oh my goodness the chewy fans are very. disillusioned this night i'm certain please as much as. isaac i'll donate my nutsack i know he. ate like crack but good day he got a fats pack. uhhuh. laying you down on the bottom cops after. me too undesirable i shot him chased down for. arson spitting an excessive amount of fireplace i am extra. late than household man quagmire. your pants like your age equals . wifi so bad opting for up like. you ain't got no bars going ahead and. hush. maintain talking i'm gonna placed you in the. divot your mom is perfection your. girlfriend's retaining an erection i would be. using round in the mercedes then i go.
decide upon up the ladies genuinely i don't even. understand what i am doing as we speak if you. retain speaking i'm approximately to put it down. i am not even executed. yeah to procure you recognize these dreams are. from um massive uh columbia record enterprise. i have already got i'm already getting. drafted for the military let's pass the. army let's cross oh they mentioned you'll. not ever make it within the music enterprise simply. get in the conflict dude come on whats up j mack. can you are making my subtitle crimson right. now thank you that is literally. placed two of the twerking . right i've an explosion on larry. now whatever nick talks there is a.  discord membership bot whats up flip round pants bend over. then i hit him from the again yeah then. we run out of she's 12. damn. oh yeah dude. asset rapping he's actually. trash he has no ability whatsoever all. correct. dumb ass your call is leg. taking a and ran out of toilet.
Paper so that you wiped your ass with a. bathe curtain . gruesome tail you dirty. your mama's curly downstairs within the . kitchen internet hosting cockroaches on ice . in the freezer . nasty's soiled as hell say a. funny story. yeah that turned into funny you know by means of . but inform me why you smell like. sex guy [ __ ] you boy you can ask. themselves to get during the flames. you still your mother tells warm. wheels up her ass at 4am for enjoyable my. [ __ ] why aren't you once you tournament. me allow you to put on a windbreaker in the. sauna for exciting. like you're gambling indignant birds. dumb ass [ __ ] i say it don't you. ugly ass what no no no i am gonna get. that she became awful guy i threw a. boogie bomb in your window and your mom. set to work at the kitchen. no. truck. she fainted. fish. dildos off the darkish information superhighway . salon for a friend's mouth [ __ ]. have been you nasty egocentric inform me why you.

Code a Discord Bot with Python - Host for free of charge in the Cloud</h1>
Hi, I'm Beau Carnes with unfastened Code Camp. In  this tutorial that you are watching right this moment,  . i'll enable you to create a discord  bot with Python that runs completely in the  . cloud. You don't want to put in whatever on your  computer, and you do not need to pay whatever to  . host your bot. we're gonna use a number of tools,  adding the discord API, a few Python libraries,  . and a cloud computing platform called repple  it you possibly already be aware of what discord is,  . and what a discord bot is, since  you're looking this tutorial ,  . yet just if you do not let me provide you with a brief  evaluate. discord is an app used for genuine time  . text chat, discord servers are hooked up by way of people  and generally are targeting a certain neighborhood.  . Many corporations and firms have discord  servers for people to chat with one another..
A Discord server often has many channels,  that are exceptional rooms that you can chat in.  . A discord bot is a user in your Discord server  that is controlled through a application instead of a  . individual. you could code a discord bot to make it do  whatever you want. there are a number of matters discord  . bots are usually used for. They can be used to talk,  reply to messages, manage servers, play track,  . and more. You also can use internet hooks with  a discord bot to do such things as deliver real  . time updates on a GitHub repository. The first  step for making a discord bot is to make sure  . you've a Discord server to feature the bot to you  would already have one. but permit me just show you  . how to set one up certainly quick if you don't  already have one. So you're going to must go  . to discord comm and log into Discord. And then you  simply click on the plus button right here to add a server..
And I'll say for me and my acquaintances, and I'll just  name it robot household server. Ok, let's create  . that. And now we have our server. okay, so before  we will code our bot using Python, and utilizing the  . discord API, we must first create a discord bot  account right inside Discord. So you're going to  . have to go to the discord developer portal. I'll  put the hyperlink in the description, but it's just  . discord comm lessen builders reduce applications.  So once you're on the applications page, you're  . going to click this new functions button. And  then we're going to create a name for it. This bot  . goes to ship friendly encouragements to people  from in Discord. So I'm going to call it encourage  . bot. Ok, i am going to create that. Ok, now I'm going  to visit the bot tab here. after which i'll.
click on add bot and say sure, do it. okay, we will keep  the default the default settings as a public bot,  . and then we will not require the OAuth to grant  the code furnish. So now the bot has been created.  . the next step is to repeat the bot token. okay,  so i'll just click copy to copy the token,  . we will desire that later. Now this token  is your bots password. So ensure not to  . percentage it with anybody. It may enable someone to  log into your bot and do every type of undesirable things.  . And iit could even enable somebody to clutter with your  server. and likewise, you could definitely regenerate  . the token if they accidentally get shared. So  we've to ask the bot to our server,  . we've the bot person, and we have  to get into our server. to do this,  . we're going to need to create an invitation URL  for it. So let's go to the off to tab right here..

And now we are just gonna visit the scope part.  due to the fact that this can be a bot, we are going to simply click on Buy right here.  . we've to scroll down somewhat more and  go to the bot permissions section. So we will choose  . the permissions we need for the bot. Our bot  is going to be chiefly used for textual content messages.  . So we don't desire a number of permissions. So your  bot might do various things. Yet let's just  . select most of these here. actually, we'll  do all of them in this line, except ship TTS  . messages. Now you do should be cautious with  this administrator permissions. in case you give  . your bot administrative permissions it has, it  will have the ability to control your server in ways that  . you'll now not actually want. after which I guess the  last one we have to upload is the view channels or  . bots going to have to view the channels. So after  selecting the proper permissions, we will click.
The replica button right here. And this will copy a  URL that can be used to feature the bot to a server.  . And II guess we are going to even have to recopy the  lower back key, we copy the lower back key earlier,  . yet now it's been re copied with this URL. So  we'll have again later to get the back key.  . but now let's simply open up a new tab and I'm  going to go to this URL Ok, so now we have  . to select the server, we want to add the bot to  i am going to choose robotic family server, the only option,  . but you will likely have greater than extra options.  So we will click on continue. And we wish to approve  . that we wish to do all these things, we want  to authorize the bot for all these things.  . And II'm not a robotic and the bot is permitted.  . which means the bot has joined the server. So if  we really cross over into our server, we will see.
Recommended bot just slid into the server. But also  you notice over here that the bot is offline, it's  . not likely to be online until we write our Python  code that creates the bot and run the Python code.  . And talking of Python code, it's time to start  that. Now I reported earlier that you don't have  . to put in anything, you don't have to use any  application except your web browser, we're going  . to be growing the total discord bot, right in  the cloud on replique. The website for replique  . is our And replique is an internet ID  EA, that you'll simply use in your information superhighway browser.  . So it makes it a lot simpler to code matters if  you don't have to put in any different software  . in your machine. after which you may log into  it from numerous browsers, varied computer systems,  . and then you may easily entry your code and your  programs no matter what computing device you are using..
So we're gonna make our button this and then  it can also be completely hosted within the cloud,  . we can even run the bot in this web site, so  we do not have to run it on our local laptop.  . And which will make it which will retain the bot  going for walks, whether our computing device shuts down, or we're  . gonna wherein we close the browser tab or anything  like that, i am going to provide help to make the bot. So  . it'll keep strolling in the background continuously.  after which you don't have to worry approximately it.  . If you do not already have account, you're  going to enroll. Yet i will log in here.  . okay, now that i am logged in, and I  click on this new repple in the corner here,  . now we simply ought to create, select the language  that we will use for this new repple. The  . cool element about repple it is that you'll use  a bunch of different languages with it. And so.
That makes it simple. If you're going to run some  of these languages in your computing device, you probably  . are going to have to put in some additional software  or extraa things on your machine so one can run  . these languages. But if you just visit repple, it,  you may do just it right in your browser. And you  . don't have to put in whatever. but we are going  to be doing this in Python. So i'll click on Python.  . And it'll have a default call here. But  I'm just going to be calling it endorsed.  . okay, and I'll just create the repple.  . So let's pass over the most portion of Rep. What we  have right here, that's here is the code editor.  . And you can find a default with a file open  called And we are able to type our Python  . code correct in right here. after which here over here  are the files, and you'll create new files,.
We would be making a few new documents within the course  of making this bot, you also can create new  . folders. And then over this is the console. The  console is where the standard output will appear.  . and you will be prompted to go into enter if  you are going to have input in your code.  . And in Python, it's going to it will double  as an interactive immediate. So possible type  . in Python code right here. And it'll evaluate  the code interactively. So that's noticeably cool. And  . then over here, we've some things on the side  right here. so files, version manage, if you're going  . to go together with git, and or we're not going  to try this in this academic, although. And then if  . you are going to set up applications, but there's also  in a different way to install patches that we will see.  . And then the most element we are correctly going to  be using is the replique database. So something.
Cool about replique is it features a database  as portion of it. And so you could easily store  . matters which will hold stored in there even if you  stop your software and run it again the everything  . shop in the database will will nonetheless be in there.  So we will be using that later during this tutorial .  . And then you also can difference some settings,  just like the subject of font size, all sorts  . of stuff like that. but let's return to the  documents due to the fact we are going to start creating  . our discord bot immediately. So I mentioned that we  are going to be using the library. And  . the first thing we will do is import that  library. So at the end has this do import Discord.  . And the cool element here is that during repple it it  will instantly set up this dependency when  . you press the Run button. So I imply my permanent  and do a great deal immediately but if I click Run,.
we are going to see on the aspect right here, that it's Installing  the discord despit dependency, after which it will  . be able to use it in the program straight away. So  there's nothing additional you must do to install  . dependencies besides just importing them right  in your software. So let me talk a little bit  . about discord.pi. Before we preserve with this bot  here, it revolves round the idea of activities,  . and event, it's anything you listen to  after which reply to. for instance, while a  . message occurs in discord, you will receive  an event about it that you'll be able to reply to it.  . So let's make a bot that replies to a  specific message, we will start  . with a very simple bot, and then we're going to  add to it and just add extra features as we go.  . So the easy bot that we will start  with the code is truly taken straight from.
The discord.pi documentation. it is a really good  example of like the most basic bot you may make.  . And prefer I reported, then we will hold to build on  that once we get this straightforward bot created. Ok,  . so we received the discord library, imported. So  let's add a few extra traces right here. So now we are  . going to create an example of a shopper. This  is the connection to Discord. So do a client  . equals discord dot client. that is simply part  of the library. Now, we're going  . to apply the client that event decorator to  register an event that seems like this.  . So I remember i discussed that this client  makes use of activities to make it paintings. So that's how you  . sign up an event. And this is an asynchronous  library discord, that pie. So things are done  . with callbacks. a callback is a function  that is called whilst whatever else occurs..
So in this code, wherein you're going to use  the unready occasion, so i will positioned async.  . def on all set. So this event goes to be called  whilst the bot is ready to start getting used . And  . when it's begin, when it's ready, when the bot is  ready, we'll do this print. And this is  . going to print correct to this console here.  So while the bot is run and able to be used,  . it is going to print this to the console, it's  going to say we have logged in as after which we're  . going to really be capable of get the username  that's logged in as, and this is the way you do this.  . So there is a few easy methods to do it.  Yet so it's taking the customer,  . this zero is being changed with the customer. So  it's doing the customer that person So that's this  . client, this 0 receives replaced with this client  here as purchaser, that user to get the username..
And to make certain i've thiis right next  to the quote is going right here. And there we go.  . Ok, let's create one other occasion. So that's the  event that happens once the bot is in a position,  . and it's working. So the next occasion is if it  receives a message, if the bot senses a message  . correct in the discord server. So it's going to  begin simply the same to register the development.  . And we're going to do one other async  function. but this one is on message.  . So those function names are specifically  from the discord.pi library, it is looking  . for those operate names, to understand what  to do, while sure things occur.  . This onmessage occasion triggers each time a message  is received. but we don't need to do whatever if  . the message is from ourselves, which is the  bot. If the message is from the bot, we need.
To do not anything. And this occasion takes an argument  referred to as message. Or you may call it whatever you  . want. But it's traditional to name a message  because it's the message that's being received.  . So this event triggers every time a message is  obtained. but we don't want it to do anything.  . If the message is from ourselves, we are gonna make  it verify if the message is from ourselves. So if  . message dot writer equals client, that user  feels like I spelled something wrong there.  . So if the author of the message is the user,  our bot user, all we'll do is return.  . Next element we're going to do is we're going  to see if the message starts offevolved with a command  . that's being despatched to our discord bot. And we can  make up these commands to be anything we want.  . So subsequently, i'll show you we're going to  do if message dot content material that begins starts offevolved.
With and we're simply going to make it as much as be  dollar sign Hello. For our bot. We're going to say  . all of the commands are messages that begin with the  dollar signal. So if the message starts offevolved With dollar  . sign whats up, then the boss ought to recognize that  it's received a command so it may return  . anything. And to come back a message  again to discord, we'll await  . message dot channel dot send. So this is going to  send a message to the channel. And the message is  . going to be hi there. okay, so now so anytime the  bot notices that someone says dollar signal Hello  . inside discord, it's going to reply howdy with  an exclamation factor. So that is every thing we  . want for the bot. Yet we still need to run the  bot. So here's the line to run the bot client  . dot run. And then correct in the customer that run  we have to positioned our token, we have to positioned our bots.
Token that's like the password for the bot.  earlier than we just go and duplicate the token back and  . placed it right in right here, there's something I should  tell you about replica it's essential be careful  . with. Through default, all replicates are public,  they are obvious to anybody. So anyone can just  . entry your reproduction . And they could potentially  see anything you install your reproduction , including  . any secrets or keys. And remember, I told you  that thiis key is like a password, you don't want  . anybody else to find out about it. but there is a  way to maintain things secret. and that is to apply an  . surroundings variable. So in repple, it let me show  you the way you should use surroundings variables, we are  . going to first of all, create a new dossier here. And  the new file is going to be called dot E and V.  . in order that whatever we installed a dot E and V dossier will  now not be made public, no person will be capable to see.
anything in a dot E and V dossier in replique, pretty  a lot on a public account on a free tier account.  . every thing is public always except just this one  file dot E and V, we are gonna put token equals,  . and we are gonna set the token to equivalent our  token. Now we're gonna have to go back and  . get our token. So let's return to our development  portal web page, the discord comm lessen builders,  . after which I'm gonna visit bot gonna copy the  token. after which we are able to return over right here. Ok,  . there is my token. i'll disable  this bot later and alter the token. So  . do not bother attempting to figure it out to use it  for your own code. but now that we have our token,  . we need to make it so it receives into our main  file. So to do that, we will have to  . do have a different import statement here. So I'm  going to put import OS, and then down here,.
we have to access that token from the dot EMB  file. So what we're going to installed our code here  . is oh s dot get e and V. after which I'm going to  placed token. Now the explanation why it is token here  . is due to the fact that's the call I positioned right here, you  can actually use any name for the token doesn't  . must be token, you just have to make sure that  when you are getting the environment variable,  . you employ a similar name right here. So now when you  run the code, it is just going to replace  . this right here with your token. Now, if you're  doing this domestically, or you're doing in such a  . manner where you recognize, no person else is ever gonna see  this code, you'll be able to placed your token right  . in here. And you do not actually have to import o 's  here. but considering the fact that we're doing it in a public way,  . we need to make sure that no one else sees our  token, otherwise they may get entry to our bot..
And that's in fact it for our ordinary bot.  Like I said, we will upload some more  . additional features later. but let's run it now  and experiment this out. So click run right here. Ok, seem,  . we have logged in as encouraged bot. Now let's go  to our server. you'll find appear earlier than it showed  . as logged out, yet now it shows it as logged  in. So allow me let's try this. I will say hey.  . Now you'll discover that's from from me, and it didn't  reply. Because keep in mind, the one-of-a-kind command is  . in fact greenback signal good day. So let's try that.  And iit works endorsed by just replied with  . hey. So our bot works if we do yet another command  like hello, how are you or not not a further command  . a different message? It's not likely to reply at all.  but when we do the greenback sign hey. Then it will  . reply. So we just created a elementary discord bot  that responds to the command dollar sign hi there..
And obviously you can make it any command. So if  you do not need to respond to greenback sign good day,  . you can still use any command here. And then  you may difference what it is going to reply with.  . Now that we've got our basic  bot operating, we will enhance it.  . I reported it is referred to as advocated bot for a  purpose, the bot will respond with a message  . of encouragement. each time somebody sends a  message containing a tragic or depressing be aware,  . we're gonna make it so anyone will be able to add  encouraging messages for the bot to apply. And these  . messages will be stored in a database. So they  will store even once you stop and begin your bot.  . We are also going to add another thing in the  database. that activates even if that turns  . on or off whether the bot is is responding to  messages. And another characteristic of encouragement.
We're going to do is that the bot goes to  go back a random inspirational quote from an API,  . while somebody models the message, dollar sign  inspire into the chat. So let's start with  . that final thing I said, we'll start  with the aid of adding the dollar sign spider characteristic.  . I found this API called Zim That will  go back inspirational quotes. Now, you can use any  . API. So if you don't need to use in,  you can just find aa different one. If somehow  . this isn't operating, just attempt to find a different  API, yet we're going to use is in And  . these kind of ideas will practice to really  any API that you are utilizing. So let's return to  . our bot. And we will import some new  things to paintings with this API. So what we're  . going to do is we will import a couple more  Python modules, we'll add a get quote.
Operate. And pokemeow bot discord going to update our bot code  to call the function. So let's import requests.  . This request module allows your  code to make an HTTP request  . to get information from the API. The API returns  JSON. So we'll have to import  . the JSON module. What due to the fact that is going to make  it less complicated to work with the info that's back.  . okay, now we're going to add a  helper operate. It's referred to as get,  . quote, this is a function we will name to return  a quote from the API. So first, we're going to  . use the request module to request information from  the API URL. So that's going to head like this,  . the response we're going to store the response  from the API in a variable called reaction.  . And so we have to use the request module like  . this request that get we're going to  make a get request to this URL. Now,.

I simply had to find this URL by using staring at the  documentation of this in fees API. So HTTP,  . S, colon scale down scale back is in lessen API  reduce random, it will return a random quote.  . Ok, now we will convert that response  into JSON. So we'll do JSON, data  . equals JSON dot a lot, response, that text. So  this response that text, I simply had to seem in  . the documentation of the API, and found  out that the response is going to have  . this reaction that textual content that I'm able to, i can load  into JSON. So we have now to do anything with  . this JSON, we need to get the quote out of it.  Now, this turned into a lot of trial and mistake, I had to  . print out the JSON data and try to figure out  how a way to get the exact part of that JSON  . that i needed. So so this is what what we  ended up with, quote, equals JSON data. 0,.
Q. Now, that is going to be the quote q stands for  a quote. And it's just something that's part of  . this in prices API, the result that is returned  from this API is going to have a key referred to as q  . whilst the value is going to be the quote.  So we'll begin with the quote,  . but then we want to add after the quote,  the writer of the quote who reported it.  . So i am just going to add a plus we're going to  do a little string concatenate Nathan here. And I'm  . going to make it have an area after the quote,  and iit's going to be a dash, the sprint is going  . to be right earlier than the person's call. It's just a  way to sort of show who's who is doing the quote.  . So we will do another plus here. And let's go back  into the JSON information. And this time, in place of the  . queue, we're going to do a for author. okay, so we  got a quote in right here. Now, i can return the quote..
okay, now we have to update our bot. So it uses  this get, quote function to get a quote, and then  . return the quote, as a message to Discord. Let  me scroll down slightly right here. So now i am just  . going to replace those lines here. This turned into just an  example to rich to respond to the message howdy.  . but that isn't what our final bot goes to  do. So I'm going to change this to encourage.  . And let's pass this over a  little bit. with a purpose to see more  . of the code. So if the bot receives this message  motivate, we will send a quote. So  . the way we will send a quote is first  including yet another line. So I'm gonna placed quote,  . equals get, quote. So it's going to call the  get, quote, operate and return the quote right here.  . And now i will just go back the quote, or I can  ship the quote to Discord. okay, at this point, we.
Can run the code and check it out. If it's already  running, we received to prevent it, after which run it lower back.  . And then we have to wait until it says it is logged  as endorsed bot. which means we can return to  . our Discord server, and say, hello, bot doesn't say  anything. let's examine if it will say, howdy, hello.  . okay, that command doesn't paintings anymore.  due to the fact we alter  it. Let's do encourage. okay,  . we have an inspirational quote. And let's try  encourage a few extra instances to determine if it's random.  . There's another one. There's another  one. See, we're getting a random quote,  . for every time we do it. So it really is the quote part  by way of failing to prepare you are getting ready to fail.  . And then we upload that the gap after which the  dash, after which the author Benjamin Franklin.  . Ok, good, that works. Let's go, return to our  bytecode. Now we will enforce the function.
Wherein the bot responds with encouraging messages  while a consumer posts a message with a tragic word.  . So in this, this time, the user isn't placing a  certain command into discord to get a outcomes. This  . time, the bot is going to be checking each word  in every message to determine if there's a unhappy be aware. And  . if it's if it notices a sad word, it's going to  go back an encouraging message. So the first thing  . we will do is to create a Python record that  includes the unhappy phrases that the bot will respond  . to. So right after the customer variable is created,  i'll create another one known as unhappy .  . phrases. And the CI word. It's just going to be  a catalogue like I said, oops, there we cross. depressed,  . unhappy . Now I'm gonna have a list of  phrases here, you could upload extra phrases.  . Really, you can placed any words you like on  this list here. i am going to have a miserable. And.
Let's do an extra. How about depressing? Ok, so  we will make it so anytime the bot sees  . this sort of phrases in the message, it's going to  reply. So what is the bot going to respond with?  . Well, now we'll upload a list of encouraging  messages that the spot will respond with when it  . sees a type of phrases. So i will make a  new variable called starter and encouragements.  . Now, i am going to let you know why this is  called starter encouragements.  . it is because these are the there is going  to be just a few encouragements that the  . bat starts offevolved with, yet users will be  able to upload more encouragement later  . that are stored in the database. So the start  encouragements I'm just gonna do a cheer up.  . cling in there.  . And you're a super individual, or even it's  just aanother bot. So how to use groovy bot discord are going to do person curb bot.
be at liberty to feature any number of encourages you  like, and keep in mind later, consumer would be able  . to add more encouragements. Now we have to update  our bot to apply the two lists that we simply created.  . So the very first thing we'll do is import the  random module, since the bot will be choosing  . messages randomly. So import random. And we'll  be utilizing this later the random module to make it  . get the random message. So we're going to update  the on message reaction right here, we will add  . anything on during this on message async function,  that's gonna determine all the messages to work out if  . they comprise a be aware from the unhappy phrases list. And  then if the sorrowful note is found, the bot will send  . a random message of encouragement. So here is the  code for that. once we investigate to see if it has  . starts offevolved with encourage, then we're going to check  just if it has the other word from the sorrowful observe.
List. So it truly is how we are gonna do if any, if any  weight, if any be aware in message for note and sad  . words. So thiis just capacity it will go through  every observe, and the unhappy phrases. And gonna see if  . any of these words are in the message. If it sees  any of the notice in the sad phrases in the message,  . then it is going to Oh, wait. Message dot channel  dot ship. This is rather like this line above right here.  . And what is it going to ship, it will send  random dot choice, it's going to select a random  . selection from starter encouragements from  that record that we created. okay, we can  . test the button Now, let's have a look at if there's  anything wrong here. undefined name message.  . Ok, obtained it. I got in advance of myself  here. correctly, this message ought to be,  . it's aactually speculated to be message content  by using swap to message, because considering we're.
Going to be using message content material a bunch  of instances, what I desire to do in fact, is  . create the message variable here message  equals message content material. And then every time we  . see message content, we are able to swap it with  message here. Ok, let's experiment the bot now.  . Ok, let's go back over right here. Let's  see if the inspire still works.  . labored. Now let's examine the sorrowful notice. I'm unhappy .  . you are a extremely good person wager Brett person's  existence spot. good, now, i am depressed.  . Hang in there. Oh, that is making me  that's making me feel much better.  . Thank you. This encouraging by means of is extremely encouraging.  So it's operating, it may now respond, whenever it  . sees sees a stad technique, it is going to try to  motivate the person who put that unhappy message.  . So at this point, you basically  know sufficient to create your personal bot..
but let's preserve going because we're going to  add a few more advanced features that I already  . discussed. Now let's give the opportunity to update  the bot right from Discord. A user ought to be able  . to feature more encouraging messages for the bot to  use when it detects a tragic word. Like I mentioned  . before, we will use repple. It's built  in database to store consumer submitted messages.  . This database is a key significance store that is built  into every insurgent. So let's upload that to our code.  . Now. Now, I confirmed you this earlier than this tab right here,  this the only really the only factor of this tab  . is to only show you the commands the  commonest commands for the database.  . And you do not actually need to get in from here  if you recognize him due to the fact this kind of men,  . yet let's go to the tip of the code and we're  going to Alka simply insert this so I inserted from.
Replique import dB. this permits us to use the  reflect database. earlier than we add new commands  . for the bot. Let's add two helper capabilities that  the first one will have the ability to upload custom messages  . to the database. And the second helper function  will be used to delete messages from the database.  . So let's pass below the get quote operate.  . This new function goes to  be called update encouragements.  . So that's gonna it will update  the encouragements in the database.  . And iit's going to be given an  encouraging message as an argument.  . So first, it's going to verify if encouragement  is a key in the database. So if encouragements  . try this, right, encourage myths is in dB  keys. So DB keys simply returns a list of  . the keys in the database. So if increment  is already in the keys, it's going to get.
these all the key all of the incursions are  already in the database. encouragements  . equals how to get a price from the  database that stored lower than a certain  . key is like this DB encouragements.  okay, so we've gotten the encouragement.  . Now we just have to upload the hot encouragement to  this list. So encouragements dot append that's  . going to add whatever new to this list. And we're  going to sort in the encouraging message, which is  . the argument that become surpassed into this function.  after which after we append the hot encouraging  . message to the historical encouraging messages, we  have to put it aside returned into the database. So DB  . encouragements equals  . encouragements. Else, if there's not  already advocated us in the database,  . then we will have to  create it. So dB, encouragements.
Equals, and we're going to placed a bracket  right here due to the fact this goes to be a listing,  . yet it is just going to have one message. And  the only message is the encouraging message  . that become surpassed into this function. okay,  so now, let's have a look at what we did incorrect up right here.  . Ok, that is supposed to be if encouragements  in dB key not is I just excellent typed an  . essence of it in. So that's supposed to be in.  Ok, so now, we comprehensive our helper function,  . let's create a brand new one, that is to delete an  encouraging message. So def delete, encouragement.  . And iit's going to take an index, as is an  argument, the index of the message to delete.  . So first, we have to get a listing of the  messages from the database. So encouragement  . equals dB. encouragement. So we obtained the  list of encouragement from the database..
we've to ascertain if the length of  encouragement is more than the index, because  . the person might pass in an index that is,  that's correctly now not in that that record.  . the person would move in an index that's actually  not part of the record. So if the length of  . encouragements is more than the index, then we're  going to delete DLS. Delete. we'll delete  . the encouragements at that index. And finally,  we will reserve it into the database again  . equals encouragements. And this can  correctly be in this if statement.  . Ok. executed. We can now upload an  encouragement and delete and encouragement.  . Now let's replace our bot code to use these  features. So users and discord can update  . encouragements and delete encouragements,  right from Discord. Let's pass down right here.  . So the very first thing we'll do, if you  keep in mind, currently, it returns a choice from.
The starter encouragements if it sees a tragic be aware.  but we want to additionally be capable of return a random we  . prefer the random encouragement to additionally be able to  come from the database. So let's add a few code to  . be capable to use the starter encouragements with any  encouragement that has been further to the database.  . So firstly, I'm going to create a new  variable concepts equals starter encouragements.  . Ok, so now, if there are if there's any  incursions in the data in the in the database,  . if inspire meant in dB keys,  . then we can, we can add these to the choices. So  techniques equals options plus DB encouragements.  . okay, so now rather than choosing from starter  encouragements, we will select from options  . of encouragement to come. Now we're  going to feature some code to add a brand new.
User submitted message to the database.  So it will be looking for a brand new,  . a brand new command. So if the message  from discord starts with the command,  . knew, if it begins with the command new, that  capacity it's going to be a new message to add to  . the database. So the command that the bot is going  to be seeking is the command dollar sign new,  . but then in the same message that you that the  user places dollar signal new, they're going to put  . an area, and then they'll put the new  encouraging message. So we have to wreck off  . the encouraging message from the the hot command  because we don't want to feature the hot command to  . the database, we simply desire textual content comes  after the dollar signal new, whatsoever text that  . the user submits, after DOS, I knew we want  to add that to the database. So let's do let's.
Get the encouraging message. And the couraging  message is going is going to equivalent message dot  . cut up, we will cut up off the message  from New. So we are gonna do dollar signal new.  . Ok, so we at the moment are going to get an array of  the message that splits at New. And so we're  . getting the second one factor in the array. And  that second portion of the array is going to be  . the recent message. Now you will discover that we're not  simply splitting at New, we're splitting up new  . area. So there's a area after that, because  we don't need the user goes to place dollar  . side new space after which the message and we  don't need to feature the space to the database.  . We just favor the message after the database  or after New. So we got the new encouraging  . message. And now we simply have to update the  encouragement with that new encouraging message..
Then we wish to send anything returned to the user  so that they know that it labored correctly. So wait  . channel or message dot channel, dot ship. New  and courage couraging message added. Oh, yeah,  . that that ought to be and returned, I don't know  why maintain doing that. If incursions and DB keys.  . okay, now we are going to upload the ability  for a user to delete a message. So  . a brand new function if message that starts offevolved with if  it begins with Dell, or delete, that's what Dell  . stands for. That starts offevolved with Dell, we're going  to get the list of messages. encouragements or  . we're unlikely to get the list of messages, we're  just going to truly just create an empty list  . referred to as encouragements, due to the fact we're going to want  to return the recent list of encouragements later.  . So we're going to start it all started this with an  empty list. And we'll check if there's.
Any encouragement already. So if there's  any encouragement already, in dB keys,  . then we will delete one of them. First,  we have to get the index from the command. So  . So if fits that starts offevolved with greenback sign,  . delete. So if it starts offevolved with Dell, Dell, that  potential delete. Then we'll first create an  . empty record. incur, we'll create an eight  encouragements variable as an empty record that we  . will upload to in a moment, if encouragements, we're  checking if the incursions are already in the  . database. Because if there isn't any encourage us in  the database, and we don't want to attempt to delete  . any of them, so if it's already, whoops, we will see  if increments are in dB keys, then let's get the  . index from the message that the user submitted  via Discord. So we need to get the index,.
Or you must cut up it from from  the right here. So message that split.  . And similar to earlier than, we're going  to, it will look very similar  . Dell. And this time, adding the distance there is  optional. What allow me show you what I meant.  . So before we upload an area here, this time, we don't  always should have an area because we are  . going to convert it to an integer. So whether  there is a space or no longer, it will nonetheless correctly  . convert to the integer, whatsoever no longer there, we're  going to sort in a number, the user goes to  . have a variety of after the command del, and it's  going to be converted to an integer in Python.  . Now, we simply need to delete the encouragement  . that is at that index. And then ultimately, we need  to get a listing of each of the encouragements that  . get the liver present list after it's  been deleted. due to the fact we'll.
Go back that to the users which will see  the up to date record after iit's been deleted.  . And now we will send that back  a weight message dot channel dot send  . encouragements. Ok, so the reason why we made an  empty list here's because if there, if there's no  . encouragement in the database already, it's just  going to return the empty record here. But if there  . is encouragements in the database, it will get  those encouragements and then go back return those.  . okay, let's experiment this bot. And then  we'll upload a few some additional features.  . So I'm walking the bot back.  . okay, the bots walking and we will test  it. So let's test the other capabilities first.  . We nonetheless get an inspiring message.  Now let's try out to feature a new message.  . You are amazing.  . Ok, hi, simply realized I made an error  way up here. database has no attribute key..

So that's what's the key with an S at the tip.  So let's discontinue this back. Let's run this returned.  . That's why you want to test frequently  to catch these, those errors like this.  . Let's go back over right here. okay, now let's try  typing this again. returned, new, you are amazing.  . New encouraging message added. Let's upload another  one new way to go. that may not make experience based  . at the message that the person installed to get that  message but that's okay. New, you're the best  . coder on earth. okay, now in order  to take delivery of get the sort of messages,  . we imply we have to have some sad phrases. So I am  sad. grasp in there. we have already obvious that one.  . Let's simply type in unhappy . Back. Way  to head. Now, way to move. That's one  . of our new messages. So this turned into one of the  original messages, the starter encouragements,.
Yet now we have obtained randomly one of  our new messages. I am not unhappy anymore.  . you are a great person bought. i am depressed.  Well, i assume you should spell it right.  . Cheer up attempting to see one more new one.  . You are amazing. that is another  new one which we put in there.  . okay, now let's have a look at if we are able to delete a message.  So we should have the ability to delete a message with  . doe. And let's just delete the  first one. So i'll simply spend 0.  . Now it will return the messages that  are left. Now simply way to move and you are the  . finest coder in the world. It would not have a  me in order that one became deleted. So that worked.  . as we speak the only manner you will see all the  messages which are all of the user submitted messages  . is to delete one, it'd be nice to be able to  see the user submitted messages while not having to.
Delete one. So let's add some additional  functions. Let's go back over to the bot.  . So after including the flexibility to get  a catalogue of user submitted messages,  . from correct from discord, we'll add  the ability to turn on and off no matter if the  . bot responds to unhappy phrases. So you will be able  to really replace that right from discord,  . even if it's going to be responding or now not.  So we will style of do all that aat once.  . firstly, we will create  a new key value pair in the database.  . So correct after the starter encouragements, we're  going to check if responding is in the database  . yet. So that's gonna be a new key in the database  responding. If it is not in the database, db keys,  . then we're going to add it. And it's  going to default it is going to start off  . via being real respond, component equals authentic.  And we do must put a colon right here..
And now we merely want to respond if that's authentic.  So down right here, wherein it responds to words. That's  . this whole part here is when it's  is when it's responding to the unhappy be aware. So  . I'm going to press tab right here, due to the fact this is  all going to be inside an if announcement. If  . dB, we'll get the price of the  responding key in the database responding.  . So if that is actual, then it's going to reply to the sad  words. If now not, it will not reply to the sad words.  . In a minute, we can add the  ability to replace this importance.  . So let's return earlier than we add  the flexibility to update that significance,  . we will add the flexibility to list encouraging  messages. So if message that begins with  . me, perhaps like guess what the user command  is gonna be used, it's gonna be a listing.  . So if the user, the user types in list into  discord, then first of all we will get.
we'll make a empty record encouragements  equals an empty list because there may not be any  . encouragements within the record yet. So we're going to  assess if encouragements is in dB keys with an S.  . Then encouragements, we're  going to add them we're going to  . set the encouragements in the database to  the incursions, variable DB encouragements  . and then we simply have to come the  encouragements. So Oh, wait that message  . or send the message to the channel. That send and  encouragements. okay, now, clients ought to be able  . to get a listing of the encouragements. Now we're  going to have the characteristic of fixing whether  . the bot is going to reply to sad words  or no longer. So if message that begins with risk  . responding, quotation mark responding,  . then we will get the price. So the idea  is that the user goes to put responding true.

Or responding fake, if the discord message  that the bot goes to receive as a command.  . So if a nano significance, we are gonna get the value that  the user typed in, so is it genuine or fake split  . we will do a dead ringer for before responding.  And back, we'll positioned responding space  . due to the fact we don't want this area right after  that. So we'd like the 1st factor in that array,  . which is the second the second part of the  array and index one. So we bought the value. So now  . if significance dot lower, no matter if they typed  in lowercase or uppercase, we're going to  . convert it to lowercase. So if it equals genuine,  then we are going to ensure that DB responding  . equals authentic. after which allow me scroll down  somewhat here. We're going to send  . the message message returned to Discord. Oh, wait.  Message dot channel dot send. Responding is on..
Ok, we're gonna have an else, I'm simply gonna  reproduction this complete factor. So if valued at lower does  . now not equal real. i'll simply difference this to else.  We are actually making it so the person doesn't  . actually have to sort in fake anything  but genuine would be assumed to be false. So  . encouraging, responding is going to be set to  fake. And iit's going to say responding is off.  . The code for the bot is total.  This is all we're adding to the bot.  . We are not quite done, though. We're  now not really achieved. we'll experiment it.  . after which i will tell you  approximately an additional very important  . step. So let's try this. Let's visit again to  our bot. Oh, we have to run the bot again.  . Ok, the bot is going for walks. hey,  bot. i am sad. Ok, it added that  . now let's get a listing of our messages.  keep in reddit discord bot is stored in the database..
There should still be messages. Yep. See,  those are the messages messages we further before  . the last time we ran our bot. Yet since it  stored in the database, they get stored dependent  . among instances that you've got run your your code. So  let's upload one. Oh, put add. nice. i am just nice.  . Oh, I did that incorrect. It's aactually supposed to  be new. make sure you sort in the instructions, correct.  . And let's list them returned. exhibit is  pleasant. Now let's delete something delete  . index one that should be the center one. And Yep,  it indicates them that we can even list them returned.  . Now let's see if we will difference turn off and on  even if the body's responding. Let's confirm  . that the bot is responding. i am unhappy . Pleasant, huh?  Perhaps it's saying nice since the information said it's  . tough to tell with this bot. but let's examine if we  can flip off the messages. So responding fake..
If I variety in sad, and it doesn't say whatever,  if I kind in depressed, it doesn't say whatever.  . but when I do responding, genuine.  Ok, let's do say i am depressed.  . okay, the bot thinks that is enormously nice. Now,  seeing that we created the responding variable in the  . database, it is going to shop weather among instances even  if you close down your bot and rerun it, it will  . still save no matter if it's speculated to be responding  or no longer. okay, so technically, our bot is done,  . yet you do not need to discontinue now. Because if I close  my tab, the bot will just discontinue jogging. And then  . it is not gonna work. If I close my browser, the  bots gonna stop going for walks, it is not gonna work.  . There's a workaround repple it will continue  strolling an internet server even after the tab is closed.  . Now this isn't an internet server. Yet we can  create one to run it even as this..
but even an internet server will basically run  for up to an hour with none use. Oh,  . here is the rep medical doctors about the information superhighway servers. See  it says once deployed, the server will continue  . to run in the historical past even after you shut the  browser tab. The server will stay up and active  . till an hour after its last request after  which it will enter a drowsing degree.  . So even if you have a web server cyber web server  running, it will ultimately stop running after an  . hour after its final request. So if nobody's  utilizing the disk or bottles have stopped operating.  . However, there's a thanks to make the bot  constantly get requests so it never shuts down.  . So actually rip rebel has introduced that in  the longer term They will provide a paid plan that  . facilitates code run continuously, no matter what  it will just never enter the napping sage..
Yet they don't provide that fairly but. It's  coming very quickly, maybe it is going to be available  . by the point you notice this video. but till that  is carried out, there is aanother way to keep  . your bot walking longer than an hour. And this  method even works with the unfastened tier of replicas.  . So to maintain this bot strolling constantly,  we're going to use an additional unfastened carrier called  . uptime robot, up and rollback may well be set to ping  the bots web server on replica each five minutes  . with constant pings, the bot will never enter the  sleeping stage, and will simply preserve jogging. So we  . have two more things to do to make certain our bot  is operating as we want to make certain it is working  . walking constantly. we'll create a web  server and repple it and installed uptime robot to  . continuously ping the net server. Ok, creating  the web server is simpler than you may think. To.
Do it, we're going to create a brand new file, so  visit files and click the add file button.  . And it really is simply going to be referred to as maintain alive.pi.  Because the whole goal of the web server  . is to keep keep every little thing alive. Ok, i am just  gonna paste in the code from the web server here.  . it is tremendously easy. Like I said, and iit's not,  it is not likely specially important for the  . bot, it is just aa thing that we do in replique, to  make it maintain going. So I may have a hyperlink to the  . textual content of this cyber web server right in the description  right here. So you could simply replica and paste it also.  . but you can see it is not that long. So in  this code, we're going to import flask,  . and we'll use flask as the web server.  And iit's going to return hey, I'm alive to  . anyone who visits the server, the server will run  on a separate thread from our bot, the server is.
Going to run on a separate thread from robot,  with the intention to the two be walking at the same time.  . Yet the remainder of this is absolutely not applicable to our  bot, we just need the bot to run this internet server.  . So let's go back into main.pi. And then at the  properly, we're going to need to import it. So from  . preserve alive, import, retain alive. And if you just  return over right here, that that it's importing this,  . which is that's what runs our internet server right here. So  from it is going to import the net server, and then  . we'll go all how to the lowest. And  right before the client runs, we'll call  . keep alive. And this would run our information superhighway server.  So if i finished the bot and rerun the bot,  . it's anything one-of-a-kind goes to happen  due to the bot due to the information superhighway server.  . okay, you can see a new window open correct up right here..
And it's our web server strolling and see  how it says hey, I'm alive. that is from  . our web server code wherein it says return hey,  I'm alive. So everytime you go to the server,  . it says Hello, I'm alive. Now the important  issue here is that this URL. So this URL become created.  . And it really is the URL that we'll ping from  uptime robotic. So i'll replica this URL right  . right here. after which we will use it in the next  area. So now we need to installed uptime robot.  . So the first step is to create a  unfastened account, and then get logged in.  . Ok, once you're logged into uptime robotic,  just click add new monitor for the monitor sort,  . https and the pleasant call, you can  call this anything we're gonna just placed,  . bought. after which for the URL, that is where  you paste in the URL which you copied all.
Over from repel repple it and the monitoring  period we will simply leave thiis the same as  . each 5 minutes. And then create,  track after which create monitor again  . monitor created so i can close this. And  we should be capable of see it right here.  . Here it is. that's now going to ping our  bot each 5 mins. So at this factor,  . it is going to be continuing, continuing  maintain to run even after we near our tab  . and even after an hour. no matter if there's no  activity in discord, this bot will simply run  . continuously. Let's just attempt remaining the  tab certainly speedy. i am simply gonna copy this  . URL, near a tab. let's examine if we  can simply open the tab back up on here  . and you can see it is nonetheless running  nonetheless jogging during this right here.  . it could suggest it will say something  like this every time it's pinged..
I do not know if that is from the ping  or now not, or if it's just from reloading.  . but we at the moment are performed. Now the bot will run  constantly, so persons can always work together with  . it on replicat. It's time for a bonus section, you  already understand how to set up a Python bot and run  . it constantly from repple it. Now I'm going  to make it easier to mounted another discord bot  . to paintings with web hooks. We will connect  the bot to GitHub in order that the bot will submit a  . message to your server whenever a undeniable GitHub  repository is up-to-date. And for this GitHub bot,  . you do not even need to code anything, or hosted  anyplace. Allow me show you how it works. okay,  . to feature this GitHub bot, we will go to our server.  after which we are going to visit the server settings here.  . And then we are going to click on integrations. And  then there is cyber web hooks create web hook..
And iinstead of calling it Captain Hook, I'm  going to name it. I will call it GitHub. okay,  . and we'll put it in the general channel.  after which I will just reproduction the webhook URL.  . Ok, i am going to make sure to store.  . okay, now I'm gonna go over to the GitHub  repo that i want to hook up with this bot.  . So i will use the loose code  GitHub repo. And then i'll visit Settings.  . after which at the facet here, it says information superhighway hooks.  Ok, now i will click Upload cyber web hook.  . after which I'm just going to stick in the URL that I  copied from Discord. Now here's aan important facet,  . you can't simply use the URL, you also have to  upload anything, i am gonna upload reduce GitHub at  . the top of the URL. after which for the content  sort, i'll change it to application minimize JSON,  . and they're going to scroll down. And for what  occasion ought to trigger the web hook,.
I'm gonna do ship me everything. looking on what  you're trying to do, you may want to do just the   push occasion or select person hobbies. Yet I'm  gonna do every thing. So i'll add the net hook.   And now i will return correct over  to my discord channel. If I wait,   we should always start to see a few events happening  on the from the unfastened Code Camp GitHub repo.   let me go and just try to make an event  ensue. I will just unstarred celebrity the repo.   And it labored. We just obtained a message  from the GitHub bot, new superstar further.   So now we've connected our bot  to GitHub through web hooks.   And the GitHub bot will publish a message  every time anything happens on the GitHub repo.   You may create bots to paintings with lots of other  external searching for what you offer with cyber web hooks. Ok, you've   reached the end of this academic. Now you've  prepared to exit and code your own discord bot.

Discord Jeopardy 3</h1>
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to discord. jeopardy three i am your host. tender willy i am joined via chewie larry. croft and isaac why. chewie tell us a bit approximately. yourself um uh my call is. chewie and i've almost uh 700 000. subscribers on youtube. that could be a blatant lie no longer actual. larry let us know anything about yourself. what did you say good day hey. are you good i'm joe biden uh isaac. would you uh like to inform us approximately. yourself. ok all right with that being pronounced. we'll commence with. our matters here wait huh i want to say. whatever. you simply said no you gotta deal with me like. a white lady. isaac do you want to discuss. your self oh that is ok. okay are you certain yeah. okay anyway can i hello i'm isaac i am so. noted and hot. wait can i redo i by no means do mine yeah. sure move forward i'm so horny and hot pleasant.

No dude how to add welcome bot to discord moving on we are gonna visit. our matters for at present. close the up we have youtube twitch. games acronyms between us and. memes acronyms acronyms okay so who. wish to begin. depart me meet me of course it is going. uh from left to right hold up okay uh. isaac you want to begin first. 800. okay in the last 12 months. in line with google tendencies. it is the most highly searched topic. dream pace runs that is incorrect wait. what turned into the question. per google trends it's the. maximum incredibly searched topic. larry corp's husband that is also. incorrect did you are saying in line with. google translate. tendencies oh um i have been buzzed. hold on wait i haven't got an answer. either. home puppy you ran out of time thrice. in a row. can i answer anyhow due to the fact i feel i. be aware of certain is it minecraft that is.
Wrong. oh ok what is it it is uh among us oh. yeah. it is right there in front of our faces. no. okay so no one got that one correct. that was among us i thought you men. were smarter. you must knock out youtube men. 300 what three no larry. that is the 3 one in a row larry do. you see 300 on that record oh. i didn't know it goes ok youtube 400.. after now not posting for a complete year. this massive gaming youtuber made a made a. return before the end of 2020.. thanks yet no isaac who's corpse. husband that is also wrong. the answer is fits who cares. carson who is carson. memes for 400. memes for 400. this huge. twitch streamers video blew up on. twitter dancing in a bernie sanders. blouse. isaac who is nicole that is correct ah. damn it permit me guess among us a thousand. within the map scaled thiis specific spot on.
confessions bot discord will inform you to. take a destroy larry oh i did not even. press that. ok again to larry okay between us. a thousand. that wasn't. are you serious are you critical. are you serious this sucks i feel like. an fool among us 800.. there are this amount of colors you can. make a choice from when customizing your. crewmate. isaac what percentage thirteen. that is inaccurate. chewy 18.. what percentage like 15. that is also incorrect. the correct solution is 12.. i get like pity facets for being near. sure 20.. okay let me get um acronyms four hundred.. lgbtq oh. isaac lesbian gay bisexual. isaac tablets are. rad everybody oh. i don't surely comprehend both yet i will. bet drug. place cut down. erection. you have been close you had one observe correct. yeah really. not erection take it away larry um. drug abuse resilience yes . edward. i am unable to examine the last one i do not.
comprehend what the you could stand for drug abuse resistance schooling i mentioned resilience oh ok you reported edward you will have gotten there all right permit me get memes Six hundred. this meme is just the chunky edition of a cartoon bunny that became larry um oh my god i forgot his name oh my god oh my god uh um again to larry move ahead meme's 1000 wow finish the quote you odor like you farted larry these three innocent words have been recently banned from being stated in the course of stay streams uh isaac what are synth virgin and pogchamp yeah that is inaccurate i don't have a solution your honor in mobile virgin and simp oh information yep uh returned to chewie um i want to offer my flip to larry yeah sure o.k. we're gonna do video games a thousand.
In report bot discord what genuine life animal. produced the sound results of a ghast. larry what is cat that is genuine that is. correct lower back to you larry oh. do we've twitch 1000 uh we do all. right twitch 2 hundred.. ok thiis famous emote became eliminated in. early 2021. after presidential election controversy. isaac. isaac what is pogchamp which 1000. thiis user peaked 2.4 million concurrent. viewers when streaming fortnite. larry drake oh who's drake. isaac who's ninja it isn't ninja i do not. think. he is i am caught between the graph g. twitch for 600. thiis company bought. twitch for 970 million cash in 2014.. larry what is amazon that is right. between us 400. this politician is known. for enjoying among us continue to exist twitch. that is true who's aoc ioc i think is. the governor of manhattan she's a. representative. whatever okay we know that corpse.
Husband flirted with her. okay you guys have games left uh. games 800.. in minecraft a collection of endermen is. known as this. larry the lakers. no that is wrong it's a heed. it starts offevolved with an h it do not sure it do i. don't believe it do. it does i simply mentioned it i definitely do. uh i'll just let you know it's known as a. haunting of enderman. oh yeah without a doubt i would are becoming. that is that coded in the game or. whatever someone had asked one of the. developers on twitter he reported let's just. name it a haunting. o.k. uh final question we're gonna. finish off all of games. this video game franchise is used in. rooster enamel purple vs blue sequence. uh larry what's halo that is true. i could not talk about the question due to the fact. he sent the cheese. okay so we are gonna go to our last. query right here for 30 seconds at the.
At the clock the question is in 2012 psy. received the list for the foremost youtube. perspectives ever. passing this former record holder timer. starts now you may begin. remember i want to know the artist and. the call of the tune. oh it's a tune oh. o.k. i need so you might please. send me your submissions we'll begin. with chewie. damn it grasp on what do you imply cling on. what i have to cross first i necessarily cross last. oh my god great pass. first chewie oh my god i'm going last. larry cross ahead. am i the only one that's executed ok we are going to. start with isaac. isaac will visit you first where is. justin bieber child oh i didn't even. think about that. that is right all right larry ok permit. me explain. what is taking place here. bro it is purple is that s. yeah this is yeah okay good. let's not neglect. it isn't fred not his purple rocket. butthole.

all right uh chewie um i assumed it changed into. kfi the fireworks song by using katy perry. why is my face. well with that being stated that is fascinated with. at present how do you men believe you guys suppose. clever. you know what i feel i will just provide you with. men a flat adverse 1 000 each. because you're all on the adverse no. matter what how i simply received the final. dilemma. finally round in genuine jeopardy what. in fact occurs is you are not even. allowed to parttake in the ultimate. one so uh with that being stated alex. trebek had passed on to the great beyond previous in 2020.. you recognize definitely. oh my god at the host the host. yeah he had passed on to the great beyond yeah again you. know it's it is cool that we will do this. kind of issue . it is sad to see that you understand what i. suggest without him i would not be ha i. should not have the inspiration to do it. so. wait who died. vegeta those be stupid be appearing.

Discord : set up and Updating blunders in MacOS</h1>

Welcome viewer i am Morgan s this video. educational describes discord install and. updating blunders in Mac OS clicks polite. search kind pastime monitor click. exercise Track find discord. click strength quit click on go visit folder. replica folder region from description. and paste it. rightclick discord folder. click move to trash. click on pass visit folder replica folder. area from description and paste it. if discord folder accessible deleted. click on Oh program. rightclick discord folder click on pass to. trash. click restart. open browser variety discord in browser. search bar click on download click download. now. click on to open downloaded file. drag this court docket to program folder. click on move application. click on to open discord application. click open. thank you for looking i'm hoping this video. tutorial facilitates to unravel the difficulty. please like percentage and make sure you.


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have already got 1000000000 associates bro i. don't want any further pals in fact hi. friday what why didn't you inform my. vampires are genuine bro. you can you fly bro like a bat. that is so cool pass your self i believe. jay likes you no i'm not homosexual i just. assume vampires are incredible cool probably. and kinda lovely maybe yet in simple terms for women. i will kill you calm down larry is. buddies with everybody you'll take to each other. with larry. hate brilliant. why are you sad larry joseph stated he. hates me dude forget about joseph i got. you a brand new friend certainly hi hi new pal. how turned into your day kill me oh my day become. well too. shut up grandpa what grandpa he looks. historic i don't want to be associates with an. historical individual oh. larry no brilliant first joseph now aiden i. can't do that anymore. haha what a loser you what i am. worn-out of folk frightening larry whatsoever.
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